“What kinds of inks or paints can I use on my Schooled by Paper bag?” Find out with brand collaborating artists Ches, Ivan Fans, Marina Yagoda, Truba1, and Zakminimonster:

“It’s a unique and original bag that is very comfortable for daily use. Everyone asks me about it… they can’t believe it’s paper!”

– Illustrator Jesuso Ortiz (@jesuso_ortiz)

“Weather-treated to withstand Mother Nature in the Midwest, the DrawBag lets your kid’s personality shine.” 

– Chicago Parent Magazine

“I love the texture which gave me options to draw clean lines with pens as well as natural, beautiful gradations with watercolors. For artists it’s like wearing a portfolio once it’s finished.”

– Artist Natsuki Otani (@natsukiotani)

“Painting on a backpack was a flashback to my days in school… awesome!”

– Street artist
Fabio Lopes Panone

“I had a lot of fun testing out ideas I’ve always wanted to try. It gave me an outlet to show my creativity through something that I can take any and everywhere! My DrawBag is special to me because with my fabric collage, it’s now a bag that is truly my own. The possibilities are endless.”

– Artist Zharia Shinn

“Wow, I love these so much… I’ve discovered an incredible new brand!”

– Artist Laura Floris






“This bag is for artists who want to expand their own unique designs in a different format. I really like the materials—how they are made and that the paper is eco-friendly.”

– Illustrator Jaíme Garcia
aka “El Mordi”



“It’s a very original and creative product. I love its quality, and how you can use any type of paint on its paper surface. The result was great!”

– Illustrator María Uve