Keep Calm & Draw! The innovative LunchKraft is the very first washable, durable, and eco-friendy paper-leather lunchbox designed for DIY customization. (Artist: Marina Yagoda)
You’re an artist, so make your mark. All Schooled by Paper products are made from durable and water-resistant kraft paper to provide a unique and wearable canvas for self-expression. (Artist: Ivan Fans)

“It’s a unique and original bag that is very comfortable for daily use. Everyone asks me about it… they can’t believe it’s paper!”

– Spanish illustrator Jesuso Ortiz (@jesuso_ortiz)

“Weather-treated to withstand Mother Nature in the Midwest, the DrawBag lets your kid’s personality shine.” 

– Chicago Parent Magazine

“I love the texture which gave me options to draw clean lines with pens as well as natural, beautiful gradations with watercolors. For artists it’s like wearing a portfolio once it’s finished.”

– Tokyo-born artist Natsuki Otani (@natsukiotani)

“Painting on a backpack was a flashback to my days in school… awesome!”

– Brazilian street artist
Fabio Lopes Panone

“Original, practical, and artsy. Finally, someone invented a wearable canvas… my students were so enthusiastic to draw on it!” 

– Laura A. (art teacher)

“This product is brilliant. I adore the paper and how I can customize it completely as I like. It’s my favorite backpack in the whole world!”

– Italian illustrator Teresa Russo

“Amazing, my friend. Very good quality. Congrats on your product!”

– Brazilian street artist
Joanthan Peres aka “Jotape Pax”

“Just like its owner, each bag is unique through the art applied to it. Another advantage is its eco-friendly features, being both durable and recyclable.”

– Lukasz K.

“As an illustrator, I found working with this a really good break from traditional paper or canvas. The bag’s multidimensional nature allows for interesting wraparounds, and the surface texture can be used to add layers… for example, creating flesh. Great product!”

– American illustrator
Tim Gerstner

“This bag is for artists who want to expand their own unique designs in a different format. I really like the materials—how they are made and that the paper is eco-friendly.”

– Mexican illustrator
Jaime Garcia aka “El Mordi”

“I had a lot of fun testing out ideas I’ve always wanted to try. It gave me an outlet to show my creativity through something that I can take any and everywhere! My DrawBag is special to me because with my fabric collage, it’s now a bag that is truly my own. The possibilities are endless.”

– Brooklyn-based artist
Zharia Shinn

“It’s a very original and creative product. I love its quality, and how you can use any type of paint on its paper surface. The result was great!”

– Spanish illustrator María Uve

“It’s very cool that you can create a unique design for yourself or as a gift to a friend.”

– Russian street artist Ivan Fans

“I was inspired by they idea of the DrawBag and bought one for my sons as a Christmas gift, which they were thrilled by. We all worked on the art for it together. It was a bonding experience for us as a family, giving us a chance to pause and capture a a beautiful moment forever. Thank you!”

(Michelle L.)

“I really love your product!”

– Italian artist
Giovanna Buonocore aka “Giobi”

“Wow, I love these so much… I’ve discovered an incredible new brand!”

– Spanish artist Laura Floris

“What kinds of inks or paints can I use on my DrawBag?” Find out below when graffiti & street artists Ivan Fans & Ches get busy with The DrawBag in Moscow, Russia —————————>