Our Story

What’s up? I’m John, and I’m the Principal here at Schooled by Paper.

I’ve been a professional actor, artist, director, writer, and educator, but in early 2017 I decided to try something new. I wanted to encourage expression and creativity in ways I hadn’t seen before.

That same year, I’d noticed paper being used for the first time in the fashion bag industry. But no one was doing what seemed obvious to me: inviting people to mark on its surface! So I developed a product and started a community to encourage others everywhere to do exactly that– the result being the Classic DrawBag backpack.

Many incredibly talented and generous artists around the world began using it, and many of these quickly became brand collaborators. In the Spring and Summer of 2019, some exciting new designs were released thanks to this.

Check out how others around the world are getting creative with our products on Instagram. And feel free to connect and share how YOU use yours, too!

For collaborations and wholesale inquiries, feel free to email us.

Looking forward to your imagination,