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Perfect for artists and other creatives, the Classic DrawBag’s paper-leather surface is receptive to various inks, paints, and other media and comes with three permanent markers to get you into the creative flow.

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The Classic DrawBag is made from an environmentally friendly and recyclable kraft paper-leather that is both rugged and washable. Both wear- and tear-resistant, the classic brown surface of the bag breaks in with time, looking better the more you use it.

The paper-leather surface can be written ­and drawn on with a variety of inks and paints, and it comes with a separate paper-leather pouch and three permanent markers that won’t wash out.

The Classic DrawBag has a durable nylon interior with an added water-resistant layer of biodegradable EVA to help protect what you carry inside. Though not intended for hiking in a rainstorm, the DrawBag has been tested in simulated rainwater to see how well it performs.

Large enough to fit a laptop or a stack of comic books, but sleek enough to feel carefree, the Classic DrawBag rests on your back with soft cotton straps that can be adjusted with its recycled plastic buckles.

Inside the bag are two open pockets for quick access and one zippered compartment to help keep you organized. The top flap is secured by a pair of magnetic snaps.

Also included is an attractive 70% linen/30% cotton drawstring gift bag.

“Lunch Bell Brown” sack kraft paper exterior
“Fundamental Blue” nylon interior
Water-resistant EVA mid-layer
Brown cotton straps
Black metal zipper pulls
Black recycled plastic buckles

Height: 51cm/20” (open) & 39cm/15.5” (closed)
Width: 27cm/10.5”
Depth: 11cm/4.25”

Included permanent markers are non-toxic and conform to ASTM D-4236.

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Weight .4 kg
Dimensions 10.5 × 4.25 × 15.5 cm

20 reviews for Classic DrawBag

  1. Tim

    I had fun working with this bag. What attracted me at first was the kit-like nature of the product. It comes with a set of markers and a little sack to roll the bag up into – very creatively and attractively packaged. The inside of the bag itself has a nice liner with a zipper slot to store things in. It was almost like a do-it-yourself coloring book with a practical function. Working on it is a fun challenge, and as I was drawing on it, I started to see just how many artistic possibilities it had. You almost want to get a few of these bags to try out new approaches. You could do something more planned or just start doodling and see where that takes you. I highly recommend it.

  2. Karlie (verified owner)

    Really loved this bag! Got it for my friend’s birthday because she loves paper eco-friendly bags and this is the perfect bag for her.

  3. Claudia Sahuquillo (verified owner)

    I already loved the concept, but when I actually had the bag in my hands, it was pure love! Nowadays it’s my favourite bag. I had so much fun painting it as I’m an artist, and everybody tells me that is so beautiful! It’s also very high quality and super resistant. I can put my computer and all my painting stuff inside and carry them everywhere.

    Just love it.

  4. Teresa Russo (verified owner)

    I love this backpack! It was so fun to work on. It is a product that deserves attention because it is so unique ?

  5. Keith

    Very tough bag, fantastic idea. I have bought them as gifts for a few students and the children of neighbours, and they have always gone down a treat. It’s a great exercise in planning, as you only get one chance to make the design, so recipients will usually go through 2 or more drafts of their picture or idea before committing pen to paper.

    Drawbags are one of the most perfect Christmas / birthday gifts I have ever found, and at the right price point for a present too.

  6. Dan

    My kids and their cousins enjoyed illustrating their bags over the Christmas holidays. Great present!

  7. John (verified owner)

    I love this bag as well, and it will always be close to my heart as the first design of its kind.

    The magnets can be a bit fiddly at the beginning, since the kraft paper takes just a bit of time to break-in naturally, but once this happens they work fine. Also, the updated Flip-Top DrawBag eliminates this issue altogether with internal magnets and a zippered interior.

    The body design is reminiscent of a paper lunch sack, as well as the paper grocery bags we would cover our textbooks with at the beginning of each new school year, so it kind of invites the same doodling on the surface those would 🙂 Unlike a fabric t-shirt, the paper surface is stable and receptive, so much easier to draw and paint on. It’s also great for adding layer upon layer just like a conventional canvas. And the paper is strong (can’t tear it, even when wet) yet super lightweight!

    The interior is an unexpected touch of class with its subdued blue color and additional storage pockets.

    Can’t wait to see what new bag designs come in the future!

  8. Maria Uve (verified owner)

    It is a fantastic product! It was very stimulating and fun to be able to recreate one of my works on the backpack. And the quality is great– both the paper exterior for painting, and the interior material, too.

  9. Jesuso

    ?This is a fantastic backpack!

    Although it may seem contradictory, it is super tough and durable. It also can carry a lot of weight.

    And you can decorate it to your liking!

    I highly recommend it! I will buy another one very soon 🙂

  10. Angel Huerta Flores

    I love my DrawBag– it really is a very durable and water-resistant backpack. Also for me it is a canvas since I decorated it with acrylic paint and spray paint.

    I recommend it highly. I hope very soon to get a LunchKraft lunchbox, too…

  11. Abdelaziz Haounati

    The DrawBag has been kind of a new experience for me. Working on it… this new concept and new way of combining function, fun and art in a simple way has been an enjoyable process!

    The bag itself is already a piece of Art, but then it becomes more beautiful and personal when adding your story to it. It is like a companion of memories as well as a souvenir!

    I began using the DrawBag immediately to carry my stuff when going out, and in the meantime, I continue painting on it.

  12. Jaime García

    I really like this bag… it’s an amazing product!

    I really enjoyed exploring my creativity on a different kind of canvas and creating a unique backpack in the process. It’s also eco-friendly, which is something pretty cool ???

  13. Bernard Seah

    The DrawBag rekindled my artistic and creativity abilities and I’m enjoying every moment! I highly recommend this for brain development and enjoyment as it’s not just drawing on pieces of paper but on an actual product that you can take out and show publicly. Most of all, it’s affordable and makes a great gift!

  14. Katrin (verified owner)

    Wonderful idea! I love the material and that you are able to draw on it. It is a wonderful present to someone you love, or just to draw your own art on it! I loved doing so!

  15. Jotape Pax

    The DrawBag design is very incredible. The quality of the paper and the durability surprised me. It’s very cool to be able to customize your own backpack and it still be able to be washed without damage to the finished artwork.

    Congratulations to the creators and all involved.

  16. Andre Acer

    Allow me to describe this product quickly: Best canvas ever ?

  17. Mario

    Really nice bag!! Very fun to draw and paint with acrylics and different kinds of markers or pencils’s amazing and really cool… I love it 🙂 !!

  18. Laura (verified owner)

    I loved my DrawBag right away! Customizing it has been a source of pure creative expression and fun; it is a product that I recommend to anyone!

  19. Nat

    It’s a really fun product for both adults and children! The design of the DrawBag is stylish as it is, yet cleverly made so that it allows us to be creative with so many different types of art materials. It is also like a wearable portfolio for artists and it will speak for itself how awesome your art can be. 100% recommended to any fellow artists!

  20. Charles (verified owner)

    I got two DrawBags for my sons about a year ago. And they love them. Initially, I did not give them the markers, but they somehow figured out that the bags were meant to be marked up.

    The boys marked up the bags with drawings and took them to school. This apparently created a bit of a stir at school because their classmates wanted to draw on them, too. When I picked the boys up from school that day, one teacher apologized on behalf of the classmates for all the drawings.

    What I love about the bag, beyond its practicality, is that it sparks creativity. My now 9-year old’s DrawBag is fully covered in black marker doodle that he calls a blackhole. The other day, I overheard his younger brother negotiating a deal with him to draw silver stars on his bag for a dollar each. The 6-year old’s argument was that the blackhole can’t be in space if there are no stars next to it. “I don’t think you know how blackholes work,” the 9-year old said to his brother.

    After more than a year of use, the bags have held up pretty nicely. Great product.

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