Flip-Top DrawBag (Grey)

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The paper-leather Flip-Top DrawBag is perfect for artists and DIY creatives, with a surface is receptive to various inks, paints, and other media.

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Whether you customize it or not, the paper-leather Flip-Top DrawBag is a hot backpack.

Made from sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly kraft paper-leather, it is both rugged and washable. And being paper, it can also be written ­and drawn on with various inks and paints. (We recommend trying our non-toxic and permanent acrylic paint markers.)

You can check out what other artists have used on their DrawBags, too.

• padded laptop sleeve
• padded shoulder straps
• zippered pocket + 2 open pockets (internal)
• hidden rear zippered stash pocket
• signature side pocket for marker
• zippered main compartment
• top flap secured by hidden internal magnets
• matching blue stitching

“Trooper Grey” sack kraft paper exterior
“Draftline Blue” polyester interior
Water-resistant EVA mid-layer
Grey cotton straps
PVC zipper pulls
Black POM plastic buckles

Height: 19.5”/49.5cm (open) & 16”/41cm (closed)
Width: 13.5”/34cm
Depth: 5”/12cm


Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 14.5 × 16.5 in

6 reviews for Flip-Top DrawBag (Grey)

  1. Bomi

    I gave a customized Flip-Top DrawBag as a gift to my boyfriend (DJ KPT), and his review is, “Daaamn good! The graffiti is really dope.”

  2. Esther

    I bought this bag and I am really into it. It’s very nice!

  3. Layie

    I like my bag, and the customized design that a friend made on it is cool!

  4. Drin

    The Flip-Top DrawBag was an amazing gift I received from my girlfriend. What a simple and innovative product this is. Very eye-catching– a piece of art to carry on your back all day long. What a great job you have done, Schooled by Paper. Keep rocking!

  5. Lucia

    I received this bag and was really impressed by the high quality of the product! Beside being really well built and sturdy, the feeling you get while drawing on it is amazing! The texture is porous and lets you easily use all kinds of different art equipment; I’ve worked with permanent markers and the result is excellent. Highly recommended if you want to get a nice and unusual gift for one of your artist friends!

  6. Andrew Lapin

    This is a very cool backpack, I’ve used both brown and grey versions to create interesting things. Looks very nice and comfortable 🤘🏼🤠🤘🏼 I’ve sold these to others who asked me to customize them.

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