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Zen & The Art of Modern Marketing

How do you keep from interrupting others?

Stay in the moment.

How do you stay in the moment?

Stop asking such questions!

If you’d like to consider a new perspective on marketing and aren’t familiar with it yet, check out Permission Marketing: Turning Strangers Into Friends And Friends Into Customers by business and marketing expert Seth Godin.

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The Metaphorical Bat-Signal

When the Bat-Signal is turned on, it serves two functions:

To attract the heroes and to warn the villains.

In other words: it’s an invitation to dance together in the pale moonlight.

Another great book by Seth Godin that I’ve never read is Tribes. However, I have listened to it on an illegally downloaded audiobook. Tribes is about leadership and about how to turn the bat-signal on.

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Love & Terror in the Age of Now

It’s okay to say “I don’t love ______.”

But it’s not okay to say “I love ______ but I’m not willing to do ______.”

Let’s stop saying things we don’t mean and start doing things that terrify us. Because the world desperately needs the unique and particular love that only you have to offer.

But, of course, whichever you choose is okay.

(dedicated to Ruth and Glen)

For those that think the path to making your true love manifest is too terrifyingly difficult, I recommend reading What To Do When It’s Your Turn (And It’s Always Your Turn) by Seth Godin, which I’ve never read. But why test all the beers when you know the brewery? (Just for fun, of course!)

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Inspiration to Launch an Original Product This Year

In proceeding blog posts in the It’s Your Business category, I will share the process of how I went from complete ignorance to some competence and aspirations toward mastery in designing, manufacturing, and marketing an original product in 2017. If you have an idea for something to manufacture (or even if you don’t yet!), I hope this is the year you take the plunge, as I did, and learn how to bring it to life and share it with the rest of the world.

First, I highly recommend you read or listen to Seth Godin’s Linchpin if you haven’t already, as it was a catalyst in pushing me to commit and launch the DrawBag this past year.

And thanks to my good friend from high school, Carlos Manriquez at Greater Than : A Creative Agency for sending me the copy of Linchpin that inspired me about a year and a half ago. Carlos was the designer of the first logo for the DrawBag, which was based on the signatory use of the bag.

Less than a year from the end of 2017, I wrote Seth Godin a brief email (my first to him) thanking him for the inspiration he had given me through his his writing and talks online. And in turn, he wrote back a lovely three-line haiku of a response, which made me want to glaze and frame my laptop screen.

Yeah, I’m a bit of a fanboy of his.

Currently, there aren’t many subscribers to this blog as I’ve just launched in December and I’m running this show of getting the word out basically by myself, but I hope in time I might also become a source of inspiration and encouragement to others in what I write here. For that to happen, I’ll have to take risks, continue learning things valuable to both of us, and find ways of sharing them with you.

Here’s to that future together!

(My older and more personal blog records the early days of learning about design & manufacture, but I’ll describe more fully about the process of creating the DrawBag here as time goes on.)