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Best Stocking Stuffers 2019

If you’re looking for unique items to stuff your oversized red socks with this year, we’ve got your back.

Forget those shattered candy canes snatched from CVS at the last minute! Here’s our list of ten dope gifts produced by makers we know personally, as well as brands we dig at a distance.

1. Toy Boarders Figures. Make lines, not war! Replacing the classic green army solder, AJ’s Toy Boarders come in packs of 24 performing legit skate tricks. Series 1, 2 and Pro available as well as packs of snowboarders and surfers. $5.95-$7.95

2. Doughnut Socks. Sukeno makes quality products intended to make you smile, and these colorful socks do exactly that. Sukeno’s tasty toe-covers come in stunning “flavors” such as strawberry milk, PB & chocolate, and blueberry cheesecake. Other styles such as beer, pizza, and sushi are also available. $12.99

3. Boys Don’t Stink Soap. Boys and stink go together like Rudolf and red-noses… but Boys Don’t Stink giant bars of extra savage exfoliating Shea Butter and Oatmeal soap from Walton Wood Farm will keep them smelling more like a human and less like a reindeer. A bit of habitual reminding comes into play with the words “Don’t Be a Pig” inscribed into each bar. Three XXL soap bars for $29.95.

4. Chocolate and Cinnamon Coffee. Café Femenino Coffee is a Fair Trade, organic, and women-owned specialty coffee brand that provides direct compensation, leadership opportunities, and ownership rights to women coffee farmers. One of the brand’s six coffees, Café Femenino Guatemala Sololá delights the tongue with sweet notes of dark chocolate and cinnamon and is produced by a local Mayan co-op. This high quality whole bean coffee retails for $14.

5. Skateboard Wood Sunglasses. These durable and lightweight sunglasses are produced by independent maker Dex. Made from upcycled 7-ply skateboard wood, each pair of frames has a unique wood grain pattern while UV400 polarized lenses protect your eyes from the sun’s ray. Nestled inside a bamboo case, these stylish shades will make a great off-season gift in any cool kid’s stocking. $79.

6. English Toffee w/ Crushed Almonds. No stocking would be complete without some sweets, so consider Sweet on Vermont’s English toffee with crushed almonds. Made with pure Vermont maple syrup and creamy Vermont butter. Snapping-crisp, buttery and not overly sweet, these all-natural confections are handmade in small batches. Prices range from $16.50 – $20.

7. Clamdy Canes. Alternately, you can bring the whiff of the wharf into your Christmas morn with these clam flavored candy canes by purveyors of the weird, Archie McPhee. And check out their other remixes of this holiday sweet such as Mac & Cheese, Pickle, and Coal. $6.50

8. Modest Mix Tea. This ironically named brand “loves f***king tea and is damn good at it.” Check out their cheeky personalized organic loose leaf tea packages such as “Chai F***ing Harder”, a deliciously spiced chai that includes a very cool stainless steel tea straw. Crafted with organic, fair-trade ingredients, made to order, and coming at you from a unique woman-owned business. Tea packages range from $15 – $32.50.

12-pack of acrylic paint markers with box.

10. Acrylic Paint Markers. And of course we can’t miss an opportunity to self-promote! Consider this brilliant 12-pack of non-toxic acrylic paint markers to go along with a DIY paper-leather DrawBag® backpack or LunchKraft® lunchbox under the Christmas tree. For budding young artists, this pairing is guaranteed to be one of the most unique and colorful gifts you can give. $14.95